What Alice Cooper thinks about the new ‘I Never Cry’ cover

Dennis Hudson
Dennis Hudson


“I Never Cry” is one of Alice Cooper’s biggest hits, a shockingly reflective — dare I say vulnerable — soft-rock ballad inspired by the struggle with alcoholism that found the singer checking into rehab a year after the single peaked at No. 12 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

And lest you think the tender nature of that record meant the shock-rock legend had gone soft on us, it’s from an album titled “Alice Cooper Goes to Hell.”

That hit album arrived in the summer of ’76, long before Sophie and Alex Dorsten, the Phoenix siblings who perform as Dorsten, were born.

So they never experienced the culture shock of hearing the man who sang “I Love the Dead” as the voice behind one of the prettiest records anybody made that year.

But now they’ve released their own recording of the song — a full-scale reimagining complete with a new melody and haunting electronic textures.

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Why the Dorstens chose to record Alice Cooper’s ‘I Never Cry’

The 20-something siblings recorded the track as a tribute to Cooper, a Cortez High School track star who met his original bandmates in Phoenix and now lives in Paradise Valley, and the song’s co-writer, the late Dick Wagner.


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Dennis Hudson
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