‘Scream 6’ phone call is a familiar voice in a new city

Dennis Hudson
Dennis Hudson

You can take the “Scream” franchise out of Woodsboro, but you can’t stop the killings.

Thus, transplanting the “core four” — a name so stupid even its members make fun of it — from the 2022 film “Scream V” to New York in “Scream VI” does not turn out to be the escape from their past that they had hoped it would be. 

Far from it. From the customary opening kill to the final slaughter, it’s just all slasher, all the time with these people. You can’t outrun your destiny. At least not when your destiny is a knife-wielding, mask-wearing psychopath who kills without remorse and, for most of these movies, without detection.

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Dennis Hudson
Posted by Dennis Hudson
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