Kodak Black reveals he went to Arizona State University

Dennis Hudson
Dennis Hudson

Kodak Black performed at Pot of Gold Music Festival at Steele Indian School Park on Saturday, March 16, 2019.

Kodak Black hard-launched the fact that he’s been taking college classes while discussing how “lit” Arizona is during Super Bowl week on his Instagram.

“Arizona beennn one of my states,” the rapper wrote in a Feb. 8 Instagram Story. “Fun fact: (I’m) really enrolled in ASU college after getting my GED in jail.”

An ASU representative confirmed that Bill Kahan Kapri, aka Kodak Black, “was enrolled as (a) non-degree seeking student in Summer 2022.” The representative said he has not enrolled in classes in subsequent semesters.

Kodak Black also wrote in his Instagram Story that he’s “in love (with) applying myself although money so long I can teach the school something.”

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Dennis Hudson
Posted by Dennis Hudson
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