Halal restaurants in metro Phoenix offering iftar

Dennis Hudson
Dennis Hudson


For Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a time to reflect, reset and focus on being grateful.

For 30 days during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, it’s traditional to abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. The fast is seen as an act of self-restraint and obedience that is meant to increase faith, build compassion for those in need, inspire patience and bring believers closer to Allah and the Muslim community. 

Despite the discipline required to fast all day, Ramadan is by no means a somber month. People across metro Phoenix celebrate in a variety of ways—gathering at local mosques, cooking traditional foods and taking time to give back through community service. For many, every night feels like a celebration as fasts are broken with the iftar meal. 

‘I am here to serve:’This restaurant owner pulls all-nighters to feed metro Phoenix during Ramadan

In many Middle Eastern and Islamic countries, life takes on a different rhythm as restaurants close during the day and then stay open all night, offering both Iftar and suhoor, the last meal before sunrise. People gather with friends at coffee shops after evening prayers, take turns hosting iftar at home and go out to enjoy lavish iftar buffets at high-end hotels and restaurants.


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Dennis Hudson
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