Does Devin Booker think Bad Bunny dissed him in ‘Coco Chanel’?

Dennis Hudson
Dennis Hudson


Bad Bunny’s lyrics on Eladio Carrión’s new song, “Coco Chanel,” are raising speculation about a possible feud between him and Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker.

Some social media users have pointed to lyrics involving Scorpio signs and a Puerto Rico versus Phoenix comparison as evidence that Bad Bunny — aka Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, the top-streamed artist of the past three years on Spotify — is alluding to both Booker and the woman the singer is currently romantically linked with, Kendall Jenner. Booker and Jenner reportedly broke up after two years last fall.

Though it’s not clear when Bad Bunny reunited with Carrión to write and record the track, his connection with Jenner is recent. Rumors that they were dating have grown over the last month following sightings of them around Los Angeles at restaurant outings and events.

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‘Coco Chanel’ lyrics might be about Kendall and Devin

Carrión’s album, “3men2 Kbrn,” released on March 17 with “Coco Chanel” featuring as Track 8. The 3½-minute song makes references to luxury cars and fashion labels, Italian cities and food and what seems to be a hot-and-heavy relationship.

A line involving “dangerous” Scorpios — “Las de escorpio son peligro” — that’s followed with a comparison of the heat of the sun in Puerto Rico versus Phoenix — “Pero el sol de PR calienta má’ que el de Phoenix / Ella lo sabe …” — in the first verse raised eyebrows.


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