Bob Odenkirk leaves ‘Better Call Saul’ behind

Dennis Hudson
Dennis Hudson

If it ain’t broke …

I don’t claim to know what lies behind the everyman appeal of Bob Odenkirk, but I am a sucker for its charms as much as everyone else. Whether it was absurdist comedy in “Mr. Show” or Saul Goodman in his various iterations on “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” there is something welcoming about Odenkirk — even when the character isn’t — that makes you want him on the screen in your living room.

“Lucky Hank” puts that theory to the test. And it passes with ease, thanks to a lived-in performance by Odenkirk, a kind of small miracle in which he makes you want to spend time with a character who definitely doesn’t want to spend time with you.

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What is the plot of ‘Lucky Hank’?

Bob Odenkirk as Hank in 'Lucky Hank.'

The series, which begins streaming on AMC+ and other services on March 17, stars Odenkirk as William Henry Devereaux Jr. If the name sounds just pretentious enough to belong to an English professor, it does — Hank, as he’s called, is the chair of the English department at Railford College.

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Dennis Hudson
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