5 things a real Arizonan should know about the Grand Canyon state

Dennis Hudson
Dennis Hudson


I’m happy to announce the release of my latest book, “Awesome Arizona: 200 Amazing Facts About the Grand Canyon State.”

It just felt like someone needed to come out and say it. Arizona is awesome! Arizona is rugged and gorgeous and historic and weird and funny and utterly magnificent. It’s full of surprises, not what most people expect at all. I’ve been madly in love with Arizona my entire adult life, ever since I arrived as a wide-eyed college student.

I wanted this book to express my passion for this remarkable state while also dispelling some of the misconceptions we all hear. “Awesome Arizona” is packed with information, anecdotes, travel tips and historic tidbits, all sprinkled with humor. It’s part encyclopedia, part love letter, and meant for anybody who cherishes the 48th state like I do, or who wants to learn more about it.


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Dennis Hudson
Posted by Dennis Hudson
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