Phoenix Suns living, learning and love playing with Kevin Durant

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor

DALLAS — Deandre Ayton couldn’t contain his excitement to share the court with Kevin Durant.

“I can’t stop talking about it,” Ayton said last week. “Still feel like I’m playing with the dude in 2K. Does he actually know that I play with him? I couldn’t wait to put him on my team. Now we’re actually on the front court together.”

Durant just smiled when hearing that story, but he can sense the hysteria and rise in energy surrounding the new-look Suns (35-29) with him on board.

“I feel like we all bring energy to the game,” he said. “I’m just another guy that’s bringing something different. I’m sure there’s some level of excitement because something new has come into the building, but I’m sure after a while, all that stuff will wear off and get back to normal.”

Hard to imagine anything ever being the same in Phoenix with Durant on the team.

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