Pac-12 expansion speculation includes media rights deal prediction

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor

Amid swirling speculation, a Pac-12 insider has made a prediction for the conference's media deal outcome, including its potential worth and partners.

The ongoing Pac-12 media rights saga has been garnering a lot of attention as speculation surrounding the future of the conference swirls.

That speculation now includes a prediction for its resolution.

The San Jose Mercury News’ Jon Wilner predicted the outcome of the media deal for the Pac-12 in a recent column.

“We project the Pac-12’s valuation to fall within 10 percent of the Big 12’s agreement with ESPN and Fox, which will pay each school an average of $31.7 million annually starting in 2024-25,” Wilner wrote. That places the Pac-12’s range as $28.5 million (per school) annually on the low end and $34.9 million annually on the high end. Our target number is $29.7 million.”

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